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Loans & Credit Lines / Cash Advance

Bankcard Solutions, lnc., an industry-leading Merchant Cash Advance facilitator, offers an often overlooked source of short-term financing. Generate the working capital you need to improve your business without having to negotiate with a bank or worry about long-term credit card interest. Instead, your company may qualify for a cash advance of $5,000 to $1,000,000 by leveraging an asset you probably haven't thought of - your future credit and debit card receivables.

Easy Access To Business Capital

With our fast and easy application process, qualified merchants typically receive funds in ten days or less! Use them to expand, renovate, advertise, purchase inventory - just about anything! And, there's no fixed repayment schedule. So, in better months when receipts are high, your advance gets paid back faster; in slower months, when receipts are lower, your advance gets paid off more slowly. lt's that simple!

Getting Started

To qualify, we require a history of processing credit cards at your business for at least 60 days and at least $5,000 a month in credit card sales.

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Benefits of the Cash Advance Program lnclude:
No time limits
No interest payments
No monthly minimum payment
No usage restrictions