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No Collateral Business Lines of Credit

Bankcard Solutions, lnc. facilitates unique unsecured financing that requires no collateral to existing
and new business owners.

Over 80% of small business loans are tumed down today as result of increased banking regulations,
business owners applying without proper guidance, or not knowing how or where to access business
funding, and businesses having inadequate sales to support financing.

Our simple application process and understanding for the business owners financial needs,
has proven to be highly effective and successful for our merchants. We understand that
businesses need on-going funding - not only a one-time loan.

Whether you are thinking about starting a business or are an existing business owner,
Bankcard Solutions can facilitate quick and sufficient access to funds that are available
over and over again.

We specialize in helping business owners fund their businesses the right way and without
compromising their personal credit or tying up or pledging valuable collateral, Our Unsecured
Business Line of Credit starts as low as $25,000 and can accommodate funding
needs up to $150,000.00.

Unsecured Business L¡ne of Credit Features:
Perfect for startups and existing businesses, or the down payment for a business or
No upfront fees.
Loan only in the name of the business - does not report to personal credit.
No financials or tax retums.
No restrictions on use of funds.